Hi,  I'm Josh Buchanan
I live in the Skinker-Debaliviere neighborhood of Saint Louis, Missouri.
My House
Side of the house
Back of the house
My house is a two-story Arts-and-Crafts style duplex that is approximately 100 years old.  It was built right after the 1904 World’s Fair in St Louis.  It’s taken its share of abuse over the last 100 years and it doesn’t have a lot of straight lines, but it has a lot of character.

My neighborhood is located on the western edge of Saint Louis.  It is convenient to
Forest Park, the Saint Louis Zoo, the Art Museum, the U-City Loop, and Washington University.

I am employed by
Anheuser-Busch in their operations research / management science group.  We work on planning, scheduling, and forecasting problems using a number of different technologies.

My resume is viewable

I am presently enrolled in Wash U’s
Professional MBA program.  I started their program in the Spring of 2004 and in three years I'll graduate with a general MBA, probably with an emphasis in finance.  Hopefully I won’t end up as a joke in a FedEx commercial.

Previously I attended
Tennessee Technological University and the University of Arkansas .
The Pint
Half Pint
                                    I share my beat-up old house with Rydell and Half-Pint. 
                                     Rydell is my dog.                     Half-Pint is Rydell’s dog. 
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